is committed to increasing volunteerism by two million people in just five years. Our innovative point system has been providing the extra boost needed to get involved in the communities in which people work and live. You can use these points for brand-leading gift cards or you can donate them back to your favorite charity. No matter what you do with your points we’ll keep your history of involvement available for you to quantify volunteerism in a new and exciting way. Join us now to find events that are in your area, causes you care about, and growth in ways you may have never imagined!


  • Lifetime tracking of your volunteer efforts
  • Easy search and sign-up for upcoming events in your area
  • CitizenPoints that can be donated to your favorite non-profit or redeemed for gift cards
  • Support businesses that support volunteers
  • Learn a new skill
  • Quantify your volunteer involvement for work or school


  • Online tools that make it easier to volunteer
  • Online reporting that helps you track your volunteer involvement
  • Online recognition tools that keep you motivated
  • Online communities that keep you connected with other volunteers
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