CitizenPoints is a 501C3 charitable organization focused on strengthening volunteerism in communities through unique technology that encourages collaboration and provides rewards to those who participate. Targeting businesses, non-profit agencies and volunteers, CitizenPoints is a reward and recognition program for volunteers offering a different approach to encourage increased volunteerism for the casual or infrequent volunteers.  Volunteers who receive points can elect to donate them to a non-profit (pay-it-forward) or redeem them for brand-leading gift cards.

Our Vision

To make volunteering irresistible for those who have never tried it and irreplaceable for those who have.

Our Mission

To strengthen and sustain volunteerism in communities through technology that encourages collaboration and provides rewards across multiple sectors in society.

Our Theory of Change

Creating a new, external reason for people to volunteer while reducing the barriers to entry will bring more people to be involved, sustainably, in their communities. People will shift their motivation over time towards the intangible (internal) reasons after they are provided incentives (externally) initially.

Our Philosophy

CitizenPoints employs a philosophy that focuses on taking care of people and relationships. Our philosophy highlights are as follows:

* Triple Bottom Line: We subscribe to the People, Planet, and Profits way of approaching business.
* Relationships: We believe in nurturing relationships with our investors, partners, clients, community leaders, employees, and adversaries.
* Results Matter: We exist to boost volunteerism and will hold ourselves accountable to making that happen.
* Technology Rules: We leverage technology to make our business scale and believe it is essential to our success.

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